Welcome to our
new brand.

Pivot 2017

Time for a Change

Our previous logo was developed in 2009, when Pivot had only seven employees. In the eight years since then, we have grown to over 40 employees in several U.S. states, and the personality of Pivot has grown and changed as well. The old logo was more of a tech logo, with rigid lines and a fairly stiff feel. Over the years, we’ve tried putting some of our playful personality on top of that logo, but the mixture has felt a little like oil and water. Peanut butter and eggs. Bonnie and Romeo. Just not quite right.

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This ain’t your mama’s Pivot anymore.


Our new logo allows for full expression of our playful and professional brand. Keeping what we loved from our former brand—our orange and our widget (the little triangle thingy above our logo, for the uninitiated)—we crafted a logo with better design coherence and adaptability. The new brand also matches our brand personality: we are collaborative, imaginative, playful, and relational.

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We launched our new brand internally at our monthly meeting in March, with our remote team members connected, well, remotely. Everyone got a new Pivot sweatshirt (no, we didn’t all happen to wear the same thing that day) and other fun Pivot paraphernalia. It was a joyous celebration together. Since then, we’ve been working tirelessly to roll out our new brand across all our collateral, including printed materials and our new website.


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