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About Us

Pivot is broadband’s leading marketing and CX agency. We collaborate with people who are doing meaningful work in the communities they serve and come alongside them to help their organizations grow and thrive. We accomplish this by assisting organizations in defining and living out their brands, telling their unique stories, and strengthening relationships with their customers.

Pivot was founded in 2004 and we’ve been growing ever since. The formula that drives our success is simple: hire talented people who care and focus on helping our clients instead of making money off clients. Is there a better indicator of the value we provide than our very low client turnover rate? Most of our first clients are still our clients and our retention rates blow away the industry average.

We are a group of dreamers and hard workers who love telling our clients’ stories. We also love pizza. Because pizza.

The values that drive us

Our company values guide our hiring, our conversations, and our daily work. Pivot seeks to:

Pursue understanding and produce tangible results

We come alongside clients, seeking to embrace their opportunities and challenges. We help them tell their stories and engage with their customers through excellent work. If an issue arises with a client, we look first at what we could do better. We welcome feedback from clients and other team members, because we know it makes us stronger.

Impress through service and surprise

When people interact with us, we blow them away by providing a superior experience. We are unfailingly honest and fair in our business dealings. We hold each other accountable to do our best work for every client. As a result, we leave our clients delighted, amazed, and smiling, every time.

Value people by showing genuine concern

We form real relationships with our clients—they are friends we care about, not projects to check off a list. Our team is like family; we support each other professionally and personally. We respect others by communicating with candor, kindness, and love. We support local and global communities by serving organizations making an impact around the world.

Operate in can-do mode

We spread positivity among our clients and our team. We present a willing and open spirit to our clients. Our can-do attitude extends to every level and every division of the organization. We are optimists who figure out ways to solve tricky problems when they arise. The positive vibe we generate is infectious. We laugh heartily and often.

Take chances, encourage curiosity, hone our craft

We maintain a culture of intellectual curiosity and experimentation. We do not settle for doing things the way they’ve always been done. As craftspeople, we search for ways to improve and be the best. We are hardworking, and we nurture a shared spirit of playfulness because we know it leads to creativity, stronger relationships and better work.

Proud to serve those serving others

Many agencies do pro bono work. Pivot strives to go above and beyond. It’s in our DNA to use our time and talents to make a difference in the world. We do that through ongoing, significant support of domestic and international causes. Through volunteer work, donations, pro bono work, and discounted nonprofit rates, we proudly serve organizations making a difference in many areas including:

  1. Disaster relief
  2. Human trafficking
  3. Improving education in developing countries
  4. Leadership development for urban teens
  5. Rural economic development
  6. Foster care
  7. Health care

Many of our for-profit clients are also involved in helping others; we find it especially rewarding to help them grow and prosper.