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Countdown to Launch

WELCOME to Pivot’s Broadband go-to-market resource page.

Here, you’ll have access to a variety of resources Pivot has put together to help you prepare for a successful broadband launch and beyond.

Broadband is essential to how we live today, and it lays the foundation for your community’s long term viability. The technology, engineering, and operational considerations for your new network are considerable and necessary, but they’ll only get you to the launchpad. Reaching your goals requires critical go-to-market planning to get your company and your team ready to start offering broadband service to the public. Pivot is here to help.

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Pivot’s Broadband Bootcamp

Here is your all-access pass to all the content from our first comprehensive virtual educational event, Countdown To Launch: Your Broadband Go-to-Market Virtual Bootcamp.

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We launched a podcast!

Check out 'The Juice' - a channel for broadband marketers