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Your brand is more than a logo and a few design elements just as a well-designed house is more than wood and paint. Pivot’s proven Brand Architecture process helps you develop your story for a successful launch into the broadband marketplace. Our Brand Architecture establishes both written and visual deliverables that inform future marketing efforts, so your message stays consistent. That work will serve you well long after your initial launch.

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Discovering the powerful purpose and voice is the foundation to any great brand – it is what separates your brand from others. Rachel and the Pivot team were instrumental in our most recent Trilight branding architecture. Their process provided the perfect amount of creativity and strategy to get our new brand to market and recognized quickly. But what I love and appreciate most of all, is that our team of Pivoteers are our trusted partners. Partners that are as vested in our brand as we are, and partners that understand that the strategic brand building process never stops.
Lea Ann Gore | Marketing & Sales Manager | Trilight

Our Branding Services

Brand_Arch Brand architecture Pivot’s process allows our team to glean information about your brand and develop effective messaging.
Logo_Design Logo and visual identity design Pivot creates logos for clients which serve as the foundation for a strong visual brand.
Brand_Research Brand perception research Our brand perception research measures perceptions of and opinions about your brand among any number of different audiences.
Concept_Testing Concept testing Pivot can test certain concepts with your target audiences, including new names, new logos, messaging, and visual identity elements.
Market_Seg-Dev Persona development Persona development makes it easier to create messaging that resonates with different customer types.
Brand_Guide Brand guide The brand guide includes detailed instructions for the proper implementation and use of your logo, fonts, colors, and other visual brand elements.
Brand_Rollout Brand roll-out support Pivot can work directly with your staff to discern and develop the brand launch materials your company needs.

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