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Launching and operating a broadband business is a marathon, not a sprint. Similar to prepping for a marathon, you start with the end in mind and create a plan that will ensure you’ll finish. The keys to success for launching broadband is creating a marketing plan, communicating the plan internally, executing on the details and measuring against the goals. You want to inspire your customers, connect with them, and guide them to a better life From planning to design, from video to digital, from marketing strategy to copywriting, Pivot helps you get there.

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Being new to the marketing manager position, I did a cost analysis and when I had an opening in my department, instead of replacing the position, I hired an entire team at Pivot. Our main goal of hiring Pivot was to have assistance developing a marketing plan for the year and quarterly promotions. Taking a back seat, and letting Pivot do what they do best, with input and collaboration from our internal Marketing team, has brought our brand to a new level that ultimately, is leading to more customers and revenue.
Bethany Chinadle | Marketing Manager | Triangle Communications


Branding Branding Effective marketing begins with a strong brand. Make sure your brand is expressive of the great work you do.
Marketing_Strategy Marketing strategy The Pivot team has decades of expertise providing strategic insights to our clients.
Creative_services Creative services and design When your marketing has creativity and visual appeal to match your excellent work, you stand out from the crowd.
Digital_Marketing Digital marketing Pivot’s digital team offers comprehensive services in social media marketing, SEM, SEO, email, and more.
Web Web Pivot builds custom websites for companies that let you take the driver’s seat and update your site after it’s built.
Video Video Whether you want animated, live action, stop motion, or other types of video, Pivot will collaborate with you through the whole process.
Photography Custom photography Pivot specializes in photography for businesses, including product and employee photography.

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