Broadband label support is here

Pivot is ready to take broadband labels off your back. Breathe easy while we do the heavy lifting to help you beat the FCC deadline.

Point of Sale compliance

To comply with the new FCC requirements, ISPs must provide broadband label information for each of their standalone, mass-marketed internet plans at every point of sale. The FCC defines “point of sale” as any channel an ISP sells their service through. This includes provider websites, retail locations, third-party owned retail locations, and over the phone.

We’ll make these changes simple for you by handling everything you need for point-of-sale compliance.

Add Labels to Your Website

Pivot will sort out exactly where the FCC requires you to display broadband labels and take care of updating your website.

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Websites designed and hosted by Pivot.


Pivot designed websites hosted elsewhere.

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Team training

To meet FCC requirements, ISPs must document how they direct consumers to view labels on alternate sales channels, i.e. retail locations, third-party owned retail locations, and over the phone. The ISP must establish a set of business practices—and keep training materials and documentation for two years.

Pivot makes this easy with comprehensive team training and documentation solutions.

On Demand Virtual Training

Prep your team with this self-paced course. You’ll get engaging training, a module customized with your procedures, employee completion certificates, and documentation for your records.


Company Size (total employees)Price
49 or less$699

Note: This is an annual calendar subscription based on a company’s total employee size, not the number of employees enrolled. As new employees are hired throughout 2024, easily enroll them as part of your employee onboarding program. 


  • Understand the FCC’s broadband labels requirements.
  • Learn what broadband labels are and how they fit into customer conversations.
  • Master all the parts of the label and how to talk about each component.
  • Gain insight on what services apply (active vs. grandfathered plans).
  • Understand when and how to bring labels into the conversation. 
  • Access a custom module with your company’s procedures for sharing labels on the phone and in-person.