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Since our founding, Pivot has been building an environment where people want to stay and invest their time and talent. Thanks to a great team and culture, awesome clients, and meaningful work, we enjoy a low employee turnover rate. Here’s why:

  • People over profits: We believe that if we take good care of our team and our clients, we’ll be fine from a profitability standpoint. “People First” is one of our core values and that includes our focus on mental health, professional development/career path, and diversity. We offer competitive benefits including flexible work hours and the ability to work from our office or home. We provide a “mental health day” each month where we close the business and provide our entire team with a three-day weekend to relax and recharge. In our last employee survey, we received a 9.56 (out of 10) from our team when asked how well they felt cared for during the pandemic.
  • A great team: At Pivot, you will enjoy working with highly talented people who also happen to be quality people. People who help each other, provide constructive feedback, and collaborate. People who are not driven by politics and power. People who are competitive in a healthy way as they seek to do awesome work, grow professionally, and help our clients win.
  • Rewarding work: Our significant donations to and work with local, domestic, and international causes gives our team the opportunity to make a difference. Our clients include nonprofits working on disaster relief, human trafficking, education in developing countries, rural economic development, and more. It’s also rewarding to help our for-profit clients. So many of them are filled with great people doing great work, but they struggle on the marketing side. We get to help them grow and prosper. At Pivot, you’ll have opportunities to use our volunteer day benefit (take a day to work with the charity of your choice), have your donations matched, and join team members for a service project.
  • DEI: Since our earliest days, diversity has existed within our ownership team and leadership team. Our culture of caring and respect for all has helped us attract and retain individuals that have worked in unhealthy work environments in the past. That said, we are pressing deeper into the benefits of diversity and have established plans and goals to hold ourselves accountable. We are investing in outside experts, training, establishing new internships and partnerships, expanding our sources of talent, and have established stretch goals to guide our hiring. As our efforts continue to blossom, we know we’ll be better because of it.
  • Opportunity and health: In 14 years, we’ve only had one year we haven’t grown—and that was a flat year. As we continue to grow, new opportunities arise for people who are humble, hungry and talented. We’ll keep growing as we continue to take care of our clients and our team.
  • Fun: Professional services doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) boring. We have fun along the way, every day. We laugh together, every day.

Does this sound like your kind of place? Does it describe what you’re looking for? Do you love doughnuts, too? If yes, we should talk.

Because of our low employee turnover, most of our hiring is tied to growth versus replacing team members. Even if there are no current openings, know that we are always on the lookout for talented people. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself.

Needed: New Pivoteers!