Every Child

Supporting the families and children impacted by foster care.

Every Child is a non-profit organization in Oregon that mobilizes communities to uplift children and families impacted by foster care. They provide volunteer programs, resources, and advocacy to create nurturing environments for children in crisis through radical hospitality.

Portland, OR



There are a lot of voices that contribute to Every Childwhich is one of the things that make them great. We worked to update and solidify Every Child’s use of type, color and imagery in a way that provided both consistency and plenty of room for adaptation to their varied needs.

Every Child business cards

Show Up. Early on, Every Child had a highly successful fundraising and volunteer support campaign called show up. We built on top of that foundation to highlight what “showing up” means and does for a community—emphasizing how much can be done when we simply show up.

Every Child campaign

In Their Own Words. Teens often have some of the most challenging experiences in the foster care system, and they are also the ones least seen and heard from in foster care materials. This campaign elevated their stories and created a platform to share teen experiences.

Every Child website
Every Child phone website
Every Child website


New Website. We worked with Every Child to launch a brand-new set of websites that encapsulated the hopeful, humble, helpful spirit of Every Child.

Every Child website

A Web System. Because Every Child works throughout multiple communities which often have unique programs that are tailored to fit their community, we developed a web system with a main site that can share information and content out to affiliates as needed while also allowing affiliates to tailor and recraft their site to fit their local community.

Lori’s Lounge

We worked with Every child to redesign a meeting room used in foster care. Redesigning the room involved replacing dark walls, outdated office furniture, and a clinical atmosphere. The goal was to improve the visual experience and create a welcoming space in a setting that often evokes nervousness and vulnerability.

“Walking into this space is going to be a formative memory for children.”

Foster parent-mentoring pairs established
Tangible needs met through My NeighbOR
New foster or adoption inquiries in 2 years
Counties in Oregon served (that’s all of ’em!)
Community members volunteered
Hours of respite offered through Foster Parents’ Night Out

“Walking into this space is going to be a formative memory for children”

Eunice Makinde
Every Child PDX Director
Spinning token image