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Bringing fun back to the internet.

Jade aimed to revolutionize its community interactions and stand out from the competition by shifting the focus from technical aspects to customer needs. Together, we developed a new brand approach centered around the core message of “Good Wi-Fi. No nightmares.”

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What kind of broadband company is so loved that people want to buy its shirts?

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Logo. We subtly refined and adjusted Jade’s original logo, bringing it into the present and creating a more personable and versatile design. The off-colored dot above the “j” is consistently used throughout their materials, resembling an “on” light.

Core Values. Jade’s friendly nature aligns with their commitment to making a positive impact on the world. They prioritize community, value privacy as a human right, and believe the internet should be fun.

Jade ads
Jade ads

Humor. To differentiate from competitors, Jade’s voice incorporates witty and relatable humor. This humor is complemented by unconventional imagery and a vibrant color palette that embodies Jade’s playful attitude.

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Jade ads

Click. In 2023, Jade introduced the Jade Click Wi-Fi App, empowering users to shape their internet experience with a single click. Our marketing efforts highlighted its ability to protect, streamline, and customize their internet usage.

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Wi-Fi Wizards. Leveraging Jade’s history of exceptional customer experience, we repositioned their customer service representatives as “WiFi Wizards” — akin to Gandalf — who auto-magically assist customers with any issues they encounter.

Arlo. Jade expanded its services by offering a security package featuring cameras and smart home tools. We created a custom character, a personified camera named Arlo, as the face of Jade’s security offering.

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Communities Connected
Launched CO’s First Multi-gigabit Community
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Verticals Added (internet, phone, tv, and security)

Within one short year working together, Jade started receiving awards for its branding, marketing, and strategy. Even more, Jade has been able to leverage its brand voice and marketing strategy to successfully expand its services, enter new territories, and increase the value of its products.

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