Revolution Cola

Leading a change in the way we do oil.

In the transportation industry, oil is essential but supporting big oil companies can be disheartening. Revolution Oil, a local business backed by Wilcox + Flegel, aims to change the perception of oil by using high-quality ingredients and supporting neighboring communities with its profits.

Spokane, WA

Revolution Oil graphic

At once both a lightning bolt flashing across the sky and an abstracted flag rippling in the wind, the Revolution logo is a rallying cry for those looking to change the way they think about and purchase oil.

Revolution’s vibrant tones and messaging challenge assumptions and inspire change within the industry. The brand reflects a call for a new way of thinking.

Revolution’s brand incorporates collages of past technologies, symbolizing progress and a departure from traditional approaches. It conveys the message that times have changed, and it’s time for oil to change as well.

Revolution Oil graphic