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This is a challenging time for everyone. Your customers, employees, and community are being impacted and people are struggling. You and your team are stepping up to serve. There is so much to do. We can’t help you with installs and tech support, but we can give you tools to make your work easier. Please use these as you wish. If they provide some help and relief to you, we’ve done our job.

We’ll keep adding to this page, and much of it will be based on your needs and requests. So please tell us what you need. Our communities and country will get through this as we work together. Thank you for all you are doing to keep our communities wired and connected during this critical time.

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(Industry resources and links from the FCC and national associations for COVID-19 related matters)

FCC Warns of COVID-19 Robocall and Text Scams

COVID-19 Consumer warnings and safety tips webpage provides information on proliferating Coronavirus scams.

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FCC Waives Rural Health Care And E-Rate Program Gift Rules To Promote Connectivity For Hospitals And Students

Waiver will enable RHC and E-Rate program participants to obtain free broadband connections and devices for Telehealth and remote learning during COVID-19 outbreak.

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Rural Health Care Universal Service Support Mechanism; Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism

FCC waives the gift rules applicable to the RHC and E-Rate programs to assist rural health care providers and schools and libraries affected by COVID-19.

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FCC Waives Lifeline Program Rules to Help Low-Income Consumers During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Wireline Competition Bureau waives the Lifeline program’s recertification and reverification requirements for participating low-income consumers for 60 days.

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Increase in Rural Health Care Funding

The Federal Communications Commission today adopted an order to fully fund all eligible Rural Health Care Program services for the current funding year with an additional $42.19 million in funding.

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FCC Chairman Pai Launches the Keep Americans Connected Pledge

Pai calls on broadband and telephone service providers to promote connectivity for Americans impacted by the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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NTCA Coronavirus Resource Center

Industry association NTCA offers resources to help your company and employees as you keep America connected during this unprecedented time.

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ACA Connects

Industry association ACA Connects offers resources to members with timely information and resources related to the pandemic.

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USTelecom Coronavirus Action Center

Industry association USTelecom offers selected resources we trust will be relevant to our members, their employees, and the communities, families, and enterprises they serve.

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