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COVID-19 Resources



As things start to open back up keep an eye on our COVID-19 resources page to find more ways that we can help support you in your communication needs during this new recovery phase.

We’ll keep adding to this page, and much of it will be based on your needs and requests. So please tell us what you need. Our communities and country will continue to get through this as we work together. Thank you for all you are doing to keep our communities wired and connected during this critical time.

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Review the resources we developed for the outbreak phase of COVID-19

Social Posts & Digital Assets

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Review our recommendations, and watch our webinar which will help guide your social communication during this challenging time. There are multiple posts (with more coming each week) that cover a broad range of topics related to company operations, work from home tips, and ideas to keep kids and adults entertained. Copy and paste the post content directly from this web page. Right click on the image to download and save to your computer.


Below are ideas on social media posts to publish based on recovery and reopening.

supporting high school graduates



Social Videos

Company Updates

Work from Home (WFH)

Fun from Home (FFH)

Learn from Home (LFH)

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Let Us Know What You Need

We hope you have found our material and content helpful. We are truly here to serve and support you. If there are other types of content you need, please let us know. If you are a Pivot client and need support on customizing any of this material for your brand, please let your Account Executive know. If you aren’t a Pivot marketing client, we are still here to support you. Contact us at