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We love helping those who dedicate themselves to making the world better for others.

Serving nonprofits is at the heart of Pivot. Whether you’re helping refugees get medical care, looking after children in the foster care system, supporting a youth symphony, or trying to raise money for your local school, we are passionate about helping you tell your story.

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We work with nonprofits big and small around the Pacific Northwest. Some have monthly retainers with us, some work with us project by project, and some have hourly arrangements. Every nonprofit we work with receives discounted pricing. But discount doesn’t mean second-class—you’ll be treated with the same respect, care, and warm fuzzies every client should expect from Pivot.

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Africa New Life, one of our first nonprofit clients, has been a valued partner for more than five years. In that time, Pivot has refreshed their brand identity twice, originally to bring their print and digital materials into a consistent look and feel, and more recently to give their brand a cleaner and more modern look fitting a growing nonprofit whose budget has tripled in the past six years.



In addition to working with nonprofits, we work with for-profit companies, too. For example, Simple & Just is a start-up that runs a storefront in Seattle, selling high-end used clothing to raise funds for five local nonprofits. Pivot designed Simple & Just’s logo, which was designed to look beautiful with different textures and across mediums. Pivot also created wall hangings for the Simple & Just store and designed and programmed their e-commerce website.

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