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Enhance brand perception and increase customer loyalty

If you want to increase your customers’ positive perceptions of your company, Pick-It™ Bowl Challenge is an online contest you host that lets your customers pick the winners of bowl games, earn points, and win prizes. 87% of users’ opinions of the host company – you! – improve after playing Pick-It™. Similarly, survey results have shown that customers are more engaged and feel more connected. You can run a contest with customers and prospects to grow your business or you can have a great time with your team through an employee contest.

Ways to host Pick-It™

The Pick-It™ Bowl Challenge lets participants select the winners of the college bowl games in December/January, earn points based on their picks, and win prizes.

The Pick-It™ March Mania includes an interactive bracket that lets participants choose from the 64 teams playing in the college basketball tournament.

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The Pick-It™️ Pro Football Challenge follows the NFL post-season through the Super Bowl in February. Participants will select the winners of each game and earn points based on their correct picks.

In each case, participants are having a blast as they interact with your brand and marketing. We do all the work to make you look good.

Included in your custom Pick-It™ contest

  • Custom Branded Interface

  • Information About Your Company

  • Optional Clickable Ads To Promote Services And Generate Traffic

  • Reminder Emails

  • Interaction With Your Brand

Check out these stats:

Happy Players
satisfaction rating.
(They liked it.)

of participants want to play again.
(They really liked it!)

User Friendly
said Pick-It™ was easy to use.
(It’s a great user experience.)

Team Pride
of participants say their opinion of the company that hosted the contest improved by playing.
(They loved that you did it!)

If you are looking for a low-cost way to engage your customers, prospects or employees, please get in touch. We’d love to share more about this effective tool.

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