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Consolidated Cooperative + Pivot

Since Consolidated Cooperative’s beginning more than 80 years ago, their mission has been simple—improving the quality of life for its members. The cooperative initially brought electricity to underserved parts of north central Ohio. More recently they saw the need to bridge digital divide by bringing fiber internet service to their serving area. They came to Pivot to help rebrand and position the company as more than just the electric and gas utility provider. In addition, they sought Pivot’s expertise with product development, launch planning, start training, and marketing.

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Peek into our process

After getting to know the Consolidated Electric Cooperative team (their old company name), we knew a full scale name change was not the right decision. Instead, we updated the name by removing “electric.” This subtle change paved the way to continue to place emphasis on their cooperative values while giving them a name that doesn’t pigeon-hole the services they offer. In addition, it helps to increase employee cohesion because the new name better represents who they are—one team, Consolidated Cooperative, that offers three great services—electric, fiber, and gas. The new logo and visual brand elements are more modern, more attractive, and more representative of the forward-thinking company that they are.


Pivot led the Consolidated Cooperative team through our Brand Architecture process. We recommended a new name to better reflect their expanded list of services as well as a new logo and visual brand. In addition, we assisted with the launch of a demand aggregation website to help Consolidated drive interest and signups for their new Consolidated Fiber internet service. They first offered service in a pilot area where 90% of residents signed up for service.