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Pioneer Connect: connecting our community

For more than 65 years, Pioneer Connect has provided telephone service to communities from the Willamette Valley to the Central Oregon Coast. Today, Pioneer Connect is the leading high-speed Internet provider in their communities, with speeds up to 100 Mbps and a well-trained, enthusiastic workforce. A strong sense of community involvement and support is a cornerstone of Pioneer’s philosophy.

As competitors invest in substantial resources to offer faster Internet speeds for lower prices in areas Pioneer has served for decades, Pivot is helping Pioneer Connect build brand preference through the “Connecting Our Community” marketing campaign.

Through a series of videos that tell the stories of local people and businesses from the community, Pioneer Connect is positioned as the thread that ties them all together. Pivot is creating the videos as well as supporting ads for this campaign in order to increase the “likability” of Pioneer Connect in their markets.

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The Connecting Our Community campaign included video teaser ads, digital display ads, and social media posts to help increase brand preference and acquisition–as well as bill inserts, bill graphics, and fliers for to improve brand loyalty and retention among current customers.

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The Connecting Our Community campaign was launched in October of 2019, and digital results have been positive with average click-through rates around $1 and increased website traffic since the campaign began. As long-term brand preference can take one to two years to improve, we are launching new videos and ads every few months to keep the momentum building.