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Fun, energetic, and dynamic

Trilight is part of a new partnership among three telecommunications companies serving rural Tennessee: Twin Lakes, DTC and HTC. The group’s objective is to partner with local electric power co-operatives to bring fiber broadband service to unserved and underserved areas of their region. The partnership approached Pivot in 2019 to develop the Trilight brand from scratch – an exciting project indeed! The team came together to take the nascent company through the agency’s Brand Architecture process. This included developing a positioning strategy, voice, and visual identity. The result? A fun, energetic, and dynamic brand which raises the standard for what a rural communications company can be.

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The Pivot team developed what we believe will soon be an iconic mark for the area: the Trilight Firefly. The simple and playful logo ties to Tennessean’s affinity for the native insect and is combined with a flexible color palette to create a positive, fun, and energetic feel.

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The client is thrilled. They remark often how much fun it is to watch the brand come to life in their part of the world. And it’s apparently good for business, too. The partnership reports the company is well ahead of its sales targets. Pivot is thrilled, too, in perhaps the same way a child can be in awe of a little glowing bug.

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