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When you want to identify and understand the needs of your customers and new markets, you need serious research. When you partner with Pivot, you’ll have a partner who invests time to understand your business and your objectives carefully. Your project will have the full attention of our experienced, intelligent, and motivated team of researchers. Pivot’s marketing research team has decades of experience, having completed more than 1,000 research projects and helped launch more than 200 products.


Brand_Research_1 Brand Research Use customer insights to build, differentiate and strengthen your brand.
Ad-logo_testing Advertising, Message and Logo Testing The Pivot team has decades of expertise providing strategic insights to our clients.
Awareness_studies Awareness, Behavior and Attitudinal Studies Measure awareness of your brand or product, quantify and understand customer and market knowledge, usage behavior, beliefs, and attitudinal factors and perceptions.
Unmet_Needs Unmet Needs Assessment Identify who, why and how many are being underserved in a target market, then measure potential demand for a better product or service.
Cust_Experience Customer Experience and Loyalty Know what your customers are saying about you, what makes them loyal to you over your competitors, and what they need most to be happy.
Market_Seg-Dev Market Segmentation and Persona Development Develop segments or personas that provide powerful insights for targeting the right people with the right products, prices and messaging.
Product_dev Product Development and Pricing Make informed product decisions that maximize revenue, profit and market share.

Case Studies

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  • Telecommunications and broadband internet services
  • Television services including streaming and over-the-top video
  • Electric utilities
  • City and state government
  • Technology products and services for consumers and businesses
  • Consumer electronics

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