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Pivot’s Call Back Service

Did you know that 48% of people report that they have avoided a business in the past based on someone else’s negative experience? Yet only 6% of customers with problems contact a company to report it while 31% will tell others about the problem. And then 8% tell two, and 6% tell six or more people! (Wharton School of Business)

What’s the best way to check in on customers to ensure they are having a great experience with your brand? Pivot’s Call Back program is an excellent way to add the voice of the customer to your business in a way that will help you perform better during critical touch points.

Here are some top reasons why Pivot’s Call Back program continue to grow across the country:

  1. Customers will share more with Pivot – Some customers will not tell you about problems directly. That’s why having Pivot survey your customers is an ideal way to get honest feedback.
  2. Your customers will know that you really do care – By dedicating the resources for follow up, you are sending a clear message to your customers that you do care about their experience.
  3. Catch issues early – The sooner you catch an issue, the sooner you can respond to it to make things right for the customer. That’s why Pivot issues “Call Back Alerts” for problems that need immediate attention.
  4. Dedicated call back team – Pivot’s calling staff is assigned to your account and does not change from month to month. Pivot’s callers listen for patterns across the customer base and delivery the survey in a friendly, unbiased way. Your customers are warmly invited to participate, without any pressure.
  5. Calling during a variety of hours – Pivot’s calling is staggered to reach households during afternoons, early evenings, and Saturdays, so that everyone has a chance to respond.
  6. Your employees will know that you are serious about quality – Pivot’s Call Back program not only sends a clear message to your customers. Your staff will also know that you care about the customer experience and will be reminded that every touch point matters.
  7. Gather testimonials for marketing materials & web – When our callers hear superlatives about your service, they will look for an opportunity to create a testimonial. The respondent is asked for permission before the quote is delivered in your monthly report.
  8. Listen for competitive footholds – If a competitor is trying a new angle in some regard, our callers may pick up on this based on customer interaction.
  9. Generate new leads & sales opportunities – Without direct selling, the feedback loop occasionally yields new leads. One approach Pivot uses is an awareness question followed up with a “wide open” question to the respondent about your company. New leads are immediately escalated to your staff.

Based on the number of new customers, upgrades, and trouble tickets/repairs you have per month, Pivot is pleased to provide a proposal to launch our Call Back service for your company.