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Introducing Pivot’s Customer Experience Award Program



As you know, large national companies will reference awards from independent third parties (such as JD Power & Associates) to validate their customer service efforts and/or the quality of the products or services they provide. These companies leverage these awards to differentiate themselves and look for “tipping point” decision factors that may influence prospects to choose them.

Pivot can provide a similar benefit to our customer experience call back clients. When we tested the idea for this program with clients, we received positive feedback and made the decision to move forward with further planning and development.

How Does It Work?

In selecting award winners, several criteria are considered, the most notable of which is achieving excellent ratings from 90% or more of your customer base over the past six months. Not all call back program member companies have met this standard, so this is an award you can authentically celebrate and promote as an achievement. The award is intended as a way to drive more value out of your investment in customer call backs.

Equipping Call Back Program Members With New Marketing Assets

Prospects (and current customers) will be influenced by awards like this, so we recommend you take advantage of this program to enhance your brand and improve your marketing efforts. Through this award program, you’ll receive the following marketing assets:

  1. A physical “trophy” for your office
  2. A website seal that can be placed on your website. Place the seal on your website in places where your prospects are most likely to see it. This includes your home page and key pages for services such as high-speed Internet. We recommend you make the seal clickable to Pivot’s award page, so website visitors can learn more about the award if desired. Let us know if you need help with this.
  3. A jpeg and png of the seal so it can be added to advertising (as desired)
  4. A press release you can use to announce the award. Consider taking a photo of your staff to accompany the press release in your local newspaper and/or on social media.
  5. Sample social media post
  6. Sample company newsletter article
  7. You can also modify your email signature (e.g. “Winner of Pivot’s 2017 Outstanding Customer Experience Award. Click here to learn more.”)

Another idea is to use this occasion for a company celebration to recognize the achievement and reinforce the behaviors that lead your customers to recognize your company.

Program Q&A

Q: Is this going to be an annual award?
A: Yes, we will announce award winners annually. The 2017 award is being sent out this winter, and the 2018 award will be sent in Q3 2018.

Q: How are the winners determined?
A: Pivot sets the threshold based on an analysis of all client results and our industry knowledge. The threshold is a calculated average based on data from thousands of past surveys across different markets, combined with Pivot’s experience measuring, analyzing and understanding customer satisfaction and loyalty. To be selected for the award, this threshold is currently set where 90% of respondents need to rate the company with a 4 or 5 on the overall satisfaction question provided in the customer call back survey.

Q: Is there only one winner?
A: No, any company that exceeds this threshold will be recognized for this achievement. Not all clients do.

Q: Is there a cost involved?
A: No. You are free to use the winner’s seal and website link to showcase your achievement, but there is no cost or obligation.

Q: Can you help with putting the seal on our website?
A: Certainly. Contact Pivot for assistance from our web development team.