Introducing Pivot’s Customer Experience Member Program




As you know, large national companies will reference independent third parties (such as JD Power & Associates) to validate their customer service efforts and/or the quality of the products or services they provide. These companies leverage those awards on their websites and in their advertising as they seek to differentiate themselves and look for “tipping point” decision factors that may influence prospects to choose them.

Pivot realized that we could provide a similar benefit to our customer experience call back/VOC clients. When we tested the idea for this program with clients, we received positive feedback and made the decision to move forward with further planning and development. The award is intended as a value-add innovation to help drive more value out of your investment in customer call backs.


Equipping Call Back Program Members With New Marketing Assets

Prospects (and current customers) will be influenced by recognitions like this, so we recommend you take advantage of this program to enhance your brand and improve your marketing efforts. Through this award program, we’d like to provide you with a seal that can be placed on your website (30kb JPG). Place this seal on your site in places where your prospects are most likely to see it. This includes your home page and key service pages like high-speed internet. We recommend you make the seal clickable to Pivot’s award program page so site visitors can learn more about the award if desired. Let the Pivot team know if you need help with adding this to the your website.