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When you want to identify and understand the needs of your customers and new markets, you need serious research. Pivot’s marketing research team has decades of experience—completing 1,000+ research projects and helping launch 200+ products. That’s kind of a lot.

Research offerings

Market needs assessment

Sniffing around a new market? ldentify who, why, and how many are being underserved in a target market, then measure potential demand for a better product or service. Find out how successful the current players are and how successful your services might be and the pricing that drives them to buy.

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Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Know what your customers are saying about you. What makes them loyal to you over competitors? Pivot helps you identify what’s unique about the experience you deliver and what you do better than anyone else. We pinpoint your greatest vulnerabilities and make actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Brand awareness, perception, and attitude

What do people think of you? We can help differentiate and strengthen your brand. Measure awareness of your brand or product, quantify and understand customer and market knowledge, usage behavior, beliefs, and attitudinal factors and perceptions. Conduct tracking studies to measure shifts or trends over time that are affected by your messaging and advertising campaigns.


Segmentation and persona development

Develop segments or personas that provide powerful insights for targeting the right people with the right products, prices, and messaging. Our team is unrivaled when it comes to identifying and analyzing who people are (demographics), what they do (behaviors), where they live (geographics) and how they think (psychographics). Not in a weird way, though…

Our process

Project planning

We work together to confirm specific information needs, finalize research methodology and audience criteria, then design questions to meet your objectives.

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Data collection

With a clear project plan, we send out surveys or complete phone interviews to develop quantitative data. For qualitative studies, we recruit and schedule participants, then conduct sessions.

  • Surveys – online, phone or mail
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) – in person, by phone or via webcast video
  • Focus groups – in person or via webcast video
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Analysis of findings

Having data is one thing; knowing how to interpret it is another. Our team processes, sorts, and analyzes all collected data. We then develop a report and present results along with recommendations for how to proceed.

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Excellent! We can’t wait to share your story and learn about the things that make you distinctive.

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