What can video do for you?

Make the hard-to-explain easy to understand. Touch the hearts of thousands (even millions) in 30 seconds or less. Our carefully honed process delivers high-quality results while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our process


In this phase, we’re getting to know each other and the project as we set a clear, concrete trajectory for the overall video.

  • Interactive Meetings (that won’t crush your soul)
  • Creative Brief
  • Proposal
Video Process Discovery


The video begins to take form as we determine the visual approach, develop interview questions, and craft scripts that tell your story in a powerful way.

  • Concept Presentation
  • Script and Storyboards
  • Animatic
Pre Production process


It’s time for things to get real. In production, we get down to work, capturing original footage and crafting animations.

  • Filming
  • Animation
  • Asset Creation
Camera lens swallowing a UFO


Post-production is where we dial in the project details and get everything ready for release. It’s so close to done, you can almost taste it, but these last details add a ton to the overall impact.

  • Rough Cut
  • Final Cut with VO and Sound Effects
  • Rendering and Captioning
Computer with a wizard rocket bird on it

Share that video

You’ve got this beautiful video and now all it needs is a great venue (or perhaps a few of them). We send you final files for your video, primed for sharing on TV, Instagram, YouTube, or wherever you want. Want it on VHS? Strange, but we can do that if you really want us to.

  • Captioned and Uncaptioned Videos
  • Videos Formatted for Designated Video Platforms
Computer Television hybrid graphic

Great! Let’s do our best Spielberg impression and make some video!

Camera graphic
Video Capabilities

Logo animation

Bring your logo to life with motion that works for presentations, websites, and video bumpers.

VIDEO Capabilities


Make complicated ideas simple and digestible.



Put on your professor cap and teach your audience something new.

Wilcox & Flegel video


Give your audience a close (and well-lit) look at a particular product.

Woman talking to camera


Bring your audience face-to-face with people doing meaningful work.

People at a store


Take a break and let someone else talk about how good you are.

Truck on a country road

Brand story

Give your audience a glimpse of the personality and values that drive your company.

Video Capabilities

Social media

Short, impactful videos that inspire people to like, comment, and share.