Our Team


Aaryn Slafky

Vice President of Customer Experience

Small but mighty. A graduate of George Washington University, Aaryn majored in anthropology and journalism. Before coming to Pivot, she spent nine years as Marketing and Communications Director for Randolph Telephone Membership Corp and seven years as Director of Communications for the NTCA. Aaryn and her husband live in North Carolina with their two children, where (if you’re lucky) you might see her dance in a Dancing With The Stars knock-off for the local college scholarship fundraiser.

Adam Murphy

Front End Developer

Upfront guy. North Carolina native, Adam, brings extensive programming, web development, and project management experience to his role at Pivot. An avid runner, Adam picked up the sport when he was 19 as a way to build and maintain fitness, and enthusiasm that has blossomed into a passion. A self-taught cook, he enjoys experimenting with new recipes. Adam’s favorite food is sushi, and he believes he could eat if for every meal. Favorite song: “If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi.”

Allie Halperin

Project Coordinator

Murder, she says! Allie comes to Pivot with a degree in Communications from Anderson University in South Carolina, and works out of her office in Eugene, Oregon. She has a deep love of outdoor activities, from backpacking and bouldering to paddleboarding on alpine lakes and snowshoeing. She currently shares her home with a feisty cat named Bitty, who’s favorite game is playing fetch with Q-Tips. Her biggest irrational fear? Flocks of birds. After all, she reasons, there’s got to be a reason that a gathering of crows is called a murder.

Amber McAlary

Senior Production Designer

Quick on her toes. With a solid background in graphic design and photography, Amber McAlary brings a keen and resourceful eye to the Pivot Design Team. After studying dance as a child, Amber recently returned to ballet as an adult, where she found a warm and receptive dance community. Raised in the country, the outdoor spirit is in her blood. If you’re a fan of delicious vegan fudge, Amber’s the person you want on your speed dial.

Ana Ibáñez Pankey

Senior Project Coordinator

Absolutely polyglottal. Ana brings a degree in Business Administration to her role at Pivot, along with experience in a wide variety of marketing-related roles and the ability to speak multiple languages. With secret plans to one day live on the beach in Mexico, Ana naturally gravitates towards large bodies of water, such as oceans and lakes, and loves to unleash her creativity through music (she plays piano and flute) and interior design. Lifetime goal: Eating an entire bag of Cheez-Its in a single sitting.

Andy Peterson

Senior Copywriter

The quiet man. Before coming to Pivot, Andy knocked around the copywriting profession for more than 20 years, wordsmithing for companies like AT&T, Microsoft, and Nintendo. He’s had 14 plays produced, and been published in several books, magazines, and trade journals. When not setting words to paper, Andy can be found in local cinemas catching up on the latest movies.

Anna Collins

Project Coordinator

Hello Dali. Holding down our office in Greenville, South Carolina, Anna graduated from Anderson University with a degree in communications and worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist before coming to Pivot. Recently married, Anna enjoys cooking with her husband, Grant, going on long walks, learning Japanese, and tinkering around in GarageBand—specializing in lo-fi, instrumentals, and acoustic lyrical songs. She also insists she finds surrealist humor really funny because fish bicycle orange wrench.

Annie Mordhorst

Senior Account Executive

The star. Annie Mordhorst is a Customer Experience Account Executive for Pivot. Before that, she was a Marketing AE for us. Annie loves working with teams so they are empowered to deliver the customer experience of their dreams. She has a bachelor’s degree in business management from George Fox University and a master’s degree in culture, policy and management from City University London. She loves to run and teach indoor cycle classes and has a whole lot of EDM on her playlist.

Anthony Plopper

Senior Web Developer

The webber. Anthony loves programming. He is pleased by well-organized, efficient, and maintainable code. Responsive & beautiful (both to view and to manage) websites are his sustenance. He has a degree in music composition from the University of Oklahoma, and sees web development as music with a dash of chess.  Anthony lives in Wisconsin with his wife and four children, whom he loves even more than olives and ultimate Frisbee. Anthony cannot move his right toes — make sure to ask him why sometime.

Austin Sellers

Senior Designer

Left turns only. Holding a degree from The Art Institute of Portland, Austin comes to Pivot following a successful career in package design, as well as the entertainment and solar industries. He loves to go on walks with his kids and has lately challenged them to see who can draw the fattest cat. He takes every opportunity to celebrate being left-handed and enjoys making wrong turns for the fresh discoveries he makes. It also explains why no one will drive with him.

Beacon Getsinger

Design Floor Manager

Good boy. Beacon is an English cocker spaniel, born in Iowa. He moved to the Pacific Northwest at only 8 weeks of age, though to him it felt like 56. Beacon’s professional background is in fetch, pheasant hunting, and snuggles. Today, he manages the quality of life for Pivot’s team of creatives. In his spare time, Beacon enjoys his Chuck It ball, wrestling with his cat-friend Tranq. An optimist and terrific listener, Beacon is an Enneagram 7.

Ben Bonds

Business Development Account Executive

Excelsior! After more than a decade of experience working for a local credit union and with a degree in Business Administration (and a concentration in Finance), Ben comes to Pivot to head up our office in Clarksville, Tennessee. He’s an enthusiastic Alabama football fan, which has had its challenges considering he’s a native of its neighbor state to the north—but he finds that winning helps him sleep better at night. A devoted family man, Ben and his family are loyal fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ‘Nuff said.

Brandon Waybright

Creative Director

Design for humans. Brandon comes to Pivot following a career teaching Branding and UX Design at George Fox University, and running an active design practice where he worked for a variety of prominent clients, such as Tim Burton, John Legend, Walt Disney Studios, and Princeton University. Outdoor adventures frequently coax Brandon to explore the untrampled world where people rarely go. Intelligence, creativity, and an adventurous spirit were all positive qualities that made us sit up and take notice—but when we heard that Brandon also loves donuts, we knew we’d found a person who truly belongs at Pivot.

Calla Street

Manager of People and Culture

People person. Calla comes to Pivot with more than a decade’s experience in Human Resources and a degree in Sociology. From pets to large corporations, Calla’s had tons of practice making sure those in her care are well-looked after—and when work is done in the office, she heads home to manage four teens, one husband, and a cat who behaves like a dog. Helping others become the best version of themselves is what motivates everything she does. While Calla readily admits she’s recharged by proximity to non-oceanic bodies of water, what she’s got against oceans remains a mystery.

Carissa Young

Nonprofit Account Executive

All the right moves. A graduate of the University of Portland, Carissa comes to Pivot with a robust background of working within several nonprofit organizations in Oregon, particularly in the realm of fundraising and development. She loves the outdoors and drinking coffee as the mist rises outside her tent. Musically-inclined and increasingly well-read in British mysteries, her sandwich of choice is the Reuben. Veteran Carissa-watchers comment upon her tendency to dance when she gets excited, particularly noting a move entitled, “noodle knees.” America’s got talent, indeed.

Carol Heller

Account Executive

Coolest story coming soon

Carol Vaughan

Senior Account Executive

Tastemaker. Carol Vaughan graduated from Regent’s University London with a degree in Fashion Marketing, whereupon she launched a successful career in luxury retail management. After taking a break to raise a family, she returned to the workforce as a Marketing Specialist for Silver Star Communications in Wyoming.  She works for Pivot from the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina and considers herself an amateur foodie, which includes growing her own veggies, cooking, and eating. Okay, mostly eating.

Carrie Grant

Senior Designer

Ripe mind. Carrie comes to Pivot with a degree in Graphic Design from Portland State University and many years of experience in field. Carrie also devotes time to working as a small group leader for teens, a lifelong passion that has only grown over the last 17 years. An avid player of World of Warcraft (and other video games), she loves to cook, snuggle with her dogs, and watch too much TV with her husband. If you’re a fan of the movie, Gentlemen Broncos, rest assured there are now two of you in the world.

Catherine Flaherty

Production Designer

Artistic license. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design from George Fox University and several years’ experience in the industry, Catherine brings considerable creative energy to Pivot. In her private life, she’s a big fan of houseplants, while she pairs her love of thrift shopping with a minimalistic sensibility in an effort to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle—and she’s inclined to wear Birkenstocks all year round. Catherine’s entertainment preferences involve an aggressive reading schedule, as well as anime, and a love of video and board games. Nerdy? Nah—we consider her Northwest normal.

Chelsea Radich

Director of Marketing Services

Go the distance. Chelsea has worked in Pivot’s research division and now serves as an Account Executive. She comes to Pivot from three and a half years in the public sector with a focus on public information, citizen engagement, and emergency management communication. Chelsea is an avid runner, leading a Hood to Coast team every year and always looking for a PR in her next marathon.

Christy Gentry

Account Executive

Joy rider. Christy comes to Pivot with a rich background in Marketing, as well as a master’s degree in communications from Northwest University. She loves hiking, walking, playing in the Deschutes River, and cooking with her husband, Jeff. A long-time equestrienne, Christy’s passion is riding. Her herd has now grown to three horses, Miel, Hershey, and Lady, and a Doberman named Charlie. She says her happiness is being loved and loving another unconditionally. Two things you can’t tell by looking at her: 1) she has two grandchildren; and 2) she’s obsessed with vampires and sharks.

Dave Nieuwstraten


The Dreamer. Before founding Pivot, Dave ran the marketing practices for two national consulting firms. Dave holds a business degree from San Diego State University and has completed the AMA School of Marketing Research, University of Notre Dame. When he’s not trying to help clients, he can be found spending time with family outdoors especially if it’s in a campground or on a lacrosse field. Dave is particularly passionate about helping children in need around the world, and is constantly on the search for the world’s best chocolate mousse.

Dawn Myers

Corporate Marketing Manager

Dawn by daylight. Dawn comes to Pivot with a degree in Marketing from the University of San Diego, a rich abundance of marketing and nonprofit management experience, and as the host of the popular Why We Work podcast. Her passions include community involvement, horseback riding, CrossFit, rabbit-hole conversations, and airplane turbulence. While she’s a self-proclaimed nacho queen, her favorite meal is actually the combination of a burger, fries, and an IPA. There’s a legend that she once ate 40 bananas in a single day—sadly, the legend doesn’t tell us why.

Dominique Britton

Project Coordinator

The naturalist. Dominique earned a degree in Communications from Portland State University and worked in project management and marketing before coming to Pivot. Growing up, she lived in a cabin in Lake Arrowhead, California. Dominique has cultivated a passion for gardening and being in nature, having recently backpacked through Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. Her traveling companion was a small rescue dog named Lily. Dominique’s perfect life would include having burritos every day.

EmmaRuth Potter

Project Coordinator

Slugger. EmmaRuth comes to Pivot with a degree in Sport Management and a background in Marketing. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Grafton, and a yellow lab named Penny. Athletically inclined, EmmaRuth runs (morning runs are her favorite), works out, and spends a fair amount of time trying to improve her golf game. Equal parts Dolly Parton and Atlanta Braves fan, she’s fully fluent in the language of baseball statistics—although, when pressed, she will concede that Dolly has the stronger hits-to-misses ratio.

Eric Gewiss

Account Executive

Buddy buddy. An Oregon native, Eric works for Pivot out of the beautiful west hills of Portland. Eric’s spent his entire career working in Marketing, Communications, and PR. He’s a cat and dog lover, but, for the moment, his primary living companion is simply a plant named Buddy.  Hiking, camping, fly-fishing—he enjoys the outdoor life, but he’s also a man of many talents, from bass guitar to creating art. Word on the street is that he can even hem a pair of pants by hand. Hey Eric! The Renaissance is calling—they want you back.

Erik Doescher

Vice President of Creative Services

The one and only. Erik has been a consultant with Pivot Group since 2005, and has more than 20 years of marketing and advertising experience. Erik’s skills include development and implementation of marketing plans, creative direction, branding and image strategies, and advertising and promotions. Erik and his wife are the parents of two daughters, and he lives and dies (mostly dies) with the Seattle Mariners every season.

Erin Bledy

Account Executive

Fuel injected. Erin brings wide-ranging Marketing and PR experience to Pivot—from World of Speed, Motorsports Museum to Warner Bros. television, along with multiple contractor and agency jobs. She married her high school sweetheart, with whom she has three boys—so, when she’s not at work, she’s likely attending some sporting event. And yet, all this good must come with a dark side—in Erin’s case, it’s her addiction to true crime podcasts and strong coffee. Very strong coffee.

Essynce Henderson

Program Coordinator

Coolest story coming soon

Eve Wisniewski

Resource Coordinator

High fidelity. Before coming to Pivot, Eve worked as an independent media consultant for eight years and served as a Traffic Coordinator at Greenspun Media. She studied interior design at The Art Institute, and loves spending time with her two children. Eve is also a vinyl collector—she loves to see great bands and hunt for new songs to love.

Jacqueline Enos Gore

Sales Support Administrator

Wanderlust. Jacqueline comes to Pivot from a career in retail management spanning 16 years and 5 states. She received her Bachelors of Science from Drexel University in design and merchandising, and also studied at Oklahoma State University. She finally settled in the Pacific Northwest, though she’ll never turn down the chance to travel just about anywhere with her husband and two sons. She loves reading nonfiction, buying craft supplies she intends to use some day, and falling asleep on the beach.

Jenny Green

Digital Services Director

Quicksilver. Jenny came to Pivot in 2014 and brought with her a passion for digital marketing and efficiency building. Whether she’s launching Pick-It, streamlining processes, or sharing her love of digital marketing with the industry, Jenny brings energy and excitement to those around her. Jenny holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from George Fox University. When not working, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs. Secret tip: If you get really friendly with her, she may show you her superpower: singing the alphabet backwards.

Jeremy Graves


The Volunteer. Jeremy leads Pivot’s day to day operations and has particular passions for improving the customer experience and the color orange. Jeremy, a graduate of both Missouri State University and the University of Tennessee, now resides in Tucson, Arizona with his wife and three children, but still lives and dies by the Tennessee Volunteers.



Jessica Rivera

Digital Marketing Specialist

Strategic thinker. Jessica arrives at Pivot following a stint for The Contingent, an Oregon-based non-profit organization that focuses on leadership. Located in our Portland office, she also spends time mentoring middle and high school students. After feigning interest in learning to play the guitar in an effort to get to know him better, Jessica married her college sweetheart, Sterling in 2017. Today they’re the proud parents of a young son, Luca. Spanish is Jessica’s first language—but she’s obsessed with British television programs, such as The Crown and Downton Abbey. Jessica’s Darkest Secret: She never learned to play the guitar at all.

Jill Cefalo-Sanders

Motion Designer

Persistence of vision. Jill graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Arts with a BFA in Animation, putting their training to use in bringing music videos and film animation to life. Holding down the Pivot office in Cleveland, Ohio, they currently share a home with two other animators, a husky, a cat, a snake, two hamsters, and two hermit crabs. A frequent skateboarder, Jill also enjoys thrifting for weird objects and has a passion for anime and indie video games. they also admit to being obsessed with frogs. Per Jean Rostand, “Theories pass. The frog remains.”

Jillian Witz

Account Executive

The name of the rose. Working out of our North Carolina office, Jillian comes to Pivot with degrees in both Public Relations and Arts Administration. She’s passionate about volunteering and music—she sings with her church praise team, at breweries, and with an LGBTQ+ community choir—and subsists on a vegan diet in a region where “vegan” is another name for “unicorn.” A nomenclaturist by nature, she freely applies names to everything from her car (Mildred the Malibu) to the plants that surround her (Mindy mint and Frankie the Friendship Plant).

Joel Sigrist

Business Development Account Executive

Going Rogue. A graduate of George Fox University, Joel comes to Pivot after working as an Integrated Marketing Specialist for Intel and as a freelancer in the fantasy football space. Joel and his wife (plus their pet bunny, Barnaby) live in the lovely Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, where he hosts the podcast, Becoming Ourselves. He plays guitar and ukulele, loves sports, and enjoys cooking. He also loves the smell of freshly cut grass—next time you see him, take the opportunity to ask him to mow your lawn!

Josh Williams

Video Manager

Viewfinder. Much more than just the man behind the camera, Josh is the driving force behind Pivot’s video team—focused on planning our shoots, capturing the cinematography, teasing out the stories we share, and nailing them down in the editing room. Self-taught in all things computers, he also plays the role of technical guru at Pivot. Josh’s varied interests include reading, cooking, and soccer. He’s currently on a mission to produce a perfect batch of homemade pork bone ramen broth.

Kathleen Ketrenos

Accounting Assistant

Sweetie. Kathleen has been a bookkeeper and accounting assistant since college, when she graduated from the University of Portland with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She has worked for companies including Reser’s Fine Foods, the Beaverton School District, and various nonprofits. Before coming to Pivot, Kathleen spent seven years as a volunteer bookkeeper for a local church. Kathleen loves camping and taking RV road trips with her husband and their three children. She has a sweet tooth a mile long, loves quilting and painting, and is a registered member of the Osage Tribe in Oklahoma.

Kristie Castanera


Kānaka Maoli. Hawaiian native, Kristie, joins our copywriting team following a meaningful stint at Children’s Cancer Association. She currently works out of our Portland office, although she’s also been known to craft prose from her parents’ Hawaiian home on the island of O’ahu. Music lover and former thespian, Kristie has sung in the same children’s choir that recorded songs for Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch.” Her current dream is to live in a house so full of plants that it feels like she’s in a jungle, begging the question—does she want a Jaguar in the garage?

Leah Neira

Social Content Writer

Happy hodophile. Leah comes to Pivot with tons of experience in developing social media content. She currently calls the Houston, Texas area home—but on any given day she’s likely to be found working from such places as Burlington, Vermont or Lima, Peru. When travelling, Leah likes to pick up refrigerator magnets as reminders of her fun adventures. How many magnets can you fit on a refrigerator before it tips over? Leah’s the person to ask.

Leif Street

Training Manager

Snowman. Leif was the Marketing Manager at Hiawatha Communications before joining the Pivot team. He has held positions in marketing and sales in the telecom industry for more than 20 years, served in the U.S. Army as a Russian linguist, and has studied Russian history and music performance. In his spare time, Leif enjoys spending time with his wife and children, listening to jazz, shoveling snow and more snow, and sampling beer as often as he can.

Lydia Povolny

Senior Project Coordinator

Wind in her hair. Lydia comes to Pivot with a degree in Marketing from George Fox University. She takes a passionate interest in the movement to stop human trafficking, and has spent time living in Thailand. An outdoor sports enthusiast, Lydia enjoys running, soccer, tennis, hiking, backpacking, and most recently kiteboarding. Deeply competitive, she’ll take on almost any challenge. Good advice: Don’t challenge her to anything that involves eating cheesecake. You’ll lose.

Maryjane Mansfield

CX Project Coordinator

October dreams. Along with a degree in Communications from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, Maryjane comes to Pivot with a wide range of experience in program coordination and planning. Physically working out of our Portland office, she assures us that she’s mentally living the life in Puerto Vallarta most of the time. A plant hoarder by nature, Maryjane also crafts textiles extensively to make gifts for friends and family. Her lifelong dream is to own “that house on the street with all the best Halloween decorations.”

Merry Shepard

Account Executive

Multitasker. Merry comes to Pivot after being the Manager of Product and Marketing at DirectLink in Canby, Oregon. She holds an accounting degree from Alfred State College in New York. Merry is an avid audiobook listener while doing just about anything, and enjoys traveling now that her kids are adults. She also volunteers regularly for the American Red Cross—thank you, Merry!

Michele Jones

Account Executive

The active listener. Michele comes to Pivot with 20 years’ experience in broadband and telecom, and has focused her last 10 years on Marketing. Her personal passion lies in coaching and listening, leading her to create a popular podcast, Live Less Afraid, in order to help normalize discussions about mental health. When she’s not traveling the world and exploring new countries, Michele loves gardening and spending time with her family. A charm school graduate with a love of 80’s rock & rap, she’s nonetheless the type who’ll KISS and tell. (Seriously, ask her about the KISS concert she attended.)

Mike Oslund

Account Executive

O captain! My captain! Mike comes to Pivot after owning his own marketing agency in Portland and providing client management services for many years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arizona State University, with a specialization in marketing. Mike loves coaching basketball and baseball, and has volunteered hundreds of hours with Lines for Life. He is a regular runner and has participated in many marathons and other road races. Go, Mike!

Monica Santi

Vice President of Marketing

Patron saint of marketing. Monica’s client projects include developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies, new product launches, and corporate branding. Before joining Pivot in 2005, Monica worked in marketing and communications management for Canby Telcom and two different nonprofit organizations. Monica lives in the Sacramento area with her husband and two teenage sons, but will always call Oregon home.

Myles Littlejohn

Digital Marketing Specialist

The good sport. Recent George Fox University alumnus Myles Littlejohn brings his keen Marketing sensibilities to bear at Pivot. Myles and his wife make their home in Newberg, Oregon—when they’re not out paddleboarding on a local river or lake. An avid sports fan, he barely discriminates in terms of his passion, having actively participated in seven different organized sports. Simply put, he enjoys anything that’s sports-related, sports-adjacent, or near the word “sport” in the dictionary.

Nathan Reinauer

Front-End Developer

Living on the upbeat. Before becoming a web developer, Nathan grew up in an apartment over a movie theater owned by his parents. Today, he shares his home with two kids and a cat, where most conversations and activities revolve around dinosaurs and building crazy LEGO contraptions. Music has long been a major theme in his life—he once released an album of original music entirely self-created in his tiny apartment. Successful? It was even released on a small record label in Japan, so…you decide!

Nicole Cochran

CX Programs Manager

Sneakers. Nicole comes to Pivot after teaching for two years and, before that, nearly twenty years in retail management. She holds an MBA from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University in workforce education and development/training and development. Nicole is an avid runner who enjoys 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons, and tries to run a half marathon in a different national park each year.  Her long-term goal is to own a pet pig. Dare to dream!

Phoebe Boyd

Senior Project Coordinator

The quartermaster. Phoebe graduated Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts with a BA in Medieval History and Medieval Literature. She’s an avid enthusiast of Dungeons & Dragons and runs weekly games for friends and family.  Her culinary tastes run towards pie, white cheddar popcorn, and goldfish aka “the finer things in life.” Phoebe is Pivot’s resident professional pirate and she comfortably knows her way around a variety of sea shanties. She also loves puns and is a repository of “fun facts.” Our advice: don’t get her started.

Rachel Getsinger

Design Director

Highfiver. When Rachel is not riding horses, painting or exploring, she is a graphic designer. Before coming to Pivot she studied graphic Design, lived in New York where she pursued art and design, and married her best friend, Matthew. Rachel loves an 8 oz. Stumptown latté in the morning. Her most true love though is her son Coen. 

Randall Spence

Development Lead

More than meets the eye. Before coming to Pivot, Randall Spence ran his own web development company, worked as an advisor, and helped shape the web development curriculum for Bellevue College in Washington. Once a bass player in a Seattle-based band, Randall now resides in sunny Las Vegas, where he’s still passionate about music and constantly seeks out new artists. Transformer figures from the ‘80s and Shogun Warriors from the late ‘70s form the core elements of his vintage toy collection. When you meet him, avoid asking him how much he had to pay for a tiny yellow Keshigomu figure from Japan to complete his Transformer collection—it’s still a sore subject.

Rod Sawatsky

Art Director

The most interesting man in the world. Rod is a creative artist with many years’ experience as a freelance graphic designer. He studied fine art and graphic design in British Columbia, and worked for more than 10 years as a contracted Art Director for Glas Water, developing and promoting their beverage products throughout North America. Rod specializes in corporate identity, brand development, custom lettering and 3D illustration. Rod was raised in Congo, Africa—where he remembers Christmas on sunny beaches with his family—and now lives in Oregon with his wife and children. 

Ryan Kennedy

Web Maintenance Manager

Player one. Before coming to Pivot, Ryan was an IT support specialist for three years and an economic support specialist for three years. He has a bachelor’s degree in general business management with an emphasis in technology from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. Ryan is an avid long distance runner, a retro game collector, and loves spending time with his wife and children.

Sandee Buysse

Director of Marketing Operations

A beautiful mind. Sandee has a Bachelor of Science in psychology and an MBA, both from the University of Iowa. She comes to Pivot after 12 years at Liberty Communications, and has expertise in sales, operations, customer service, marketing, and process improvement. She loves to dirt bike, can split wood with an axe, but hates mashed potatoes. Two out of three ain’t bad.

Shaye Vanderville


A brighter shade of deep. Shaye comes to Pivot from George Fox University, where she developed her skills as a Graphic Designer for George Fox Athletics. A connoisseur of fine food (sushi, fruit, donuts, diverse varieties of lemonade), she loves videos about math and physics, actively arguing debating and discussing obscure questions, and watching movies that require multiple viewings to unravel. Ice cream? No. Milkshakes? Yes. Complicated? You betcha.

Sophia Zempel


The art of living. Sophia comes to Pivot with a BA in Graphic Design from George Fox University and experience in the specialty beverage industry, where she “learned to make a pretty bomb pour over.” Originally a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Sophia currently lives in NE Portland and loves the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. A woman of many enthusiasms, she’s totally onboard with yoga, cats, literature, personality tests, and Spotify lists. Furthermore, she loves all kinds of soup and prepares an epic charcuterie board. She’s a bundle of energy, this one.

Steve Boespflug

Senior Insights Manager

Digging deep. Steve has enjoyed the field of market research for nearly 30 years, having owned two full-service research companies prior to joining Pivot. He has designed and managed more than 1,000 studies for a client roster that includes 3M, Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Adobe, and LG. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota and an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. In his spare time, Steve enjoys golfing, wakeboarding, and hiking.

Suzanne St. Pierre

Account Executive

Creative by nature. Located in Utah, Suzanne worked in marketing for All West Communications before coming to Pivot, and has substantial experience in the healthcare industry. Suzanne enjoys outdoor adventures, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and snowshoeing—either with friends, or with her husband Eric and their German Shepherd, Nellie. Among her list of likes you’ll find: Chocolate, Stout, Chocolate Stout, pasta, bread, wine, tattoos from Ireland, and Halloween. She’s a person who clearly has found a lot to like in the world!

Tocia Johnson

Telecompetitor Account Executive

Warmth of the sun. Before coming to Pivot, Tocia was a Program Supervisor for the NTCA and a Special Projects and Meetings Coordinator for the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association. Armed with an AAS degree in business administration and Bachelor’s in Business Administration-Finance, she keeps our Virginia office running smoothly. Tocia has an enormous heart for community service—she’s served as a Girl Scout leader, an AHA event coordinator, and currently volunteers as a volleyball coach. While her taste in color runs to the midnight shades of purple, her real talent lies in her ability to brighten other people’s day.

Toni Allen

Vice President of Finance and HR

Mimi. Toni has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Linfield College, and began her career as a CPA with Arthur Young & Co. After taking time off to raise a family, she helped plant a church in Wilsonville, Oregon, where she worked for 20 years. More recently, she has worked with both a start-up and a labor union council. Her passions are her two grandchildren, her dog Mango, and exploring the wonders of Oregon’s wine country.

Tori Halverson

Account Executive

Make a splash. Tori comes to Pivot after six years working as an account lead for two marketing agencies in Sioux Falls. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She loves spending time with her daughter and husband, reading, and boating on the Missouri river. She was a competitive swimmer for ten years and still loves to take a dip.

Travis Chillemi

Web Services Director

Webspinner. Travis comes to Pivot with a BFA Multimedia Web Design from the University of Colorado and after more than 15 years of putting that education into practice. From his office in Happy Valley, Oregon, he’s dedicated to making the web-building process as smooth and easy as possible. Family is important to Travis, whether they’re on the road in their travel trailer or gathered around the dinner table at home. He met his wife while singing in a karaoke dive bar. Smooth.

Yannis Gatsiounis

Project Coordinator

Travelin’ man. Yannis comes to Pivot with a Journalism degree from the University of Colorado and a background in journalism, project management, and economic development consulting. He currently lives a stone’s throw from the beach in sunny San Diego (where he enjoys playing in a fast-pitch, wood bat baseball league), but he’s a citizen of the world, having spent more than a decade living overseas, primarily in Asia and Africa, and has driven through 46 states across the US.

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