Internet and Social Media Usage Policy Template

This paper is designed for businesses considering creating an Internet and social media usage policy for their employees. The paper is a sample template completely adaptable for your needs.

The Words that Work, The Words that Don’t

Writing copy is not for the weak of heart. This white paper discusses the words that are proven to get a positive reaction from consumers, and the words best left off the page.

Latest Design Trends

Good design can make the difference between people noticing you and giving you a call, or noticing you and shaking their heads. This paper discusses some of the latest design trends seen in 2012-2013

Social Media Customer Service

Social media is all about building relationships, and one way to accomplish that is to have excellent customer service through your social media channels. Using The Home Depot as a case study, this paper offers advice on how to have great customer service online – even when people make negative comments.

How to Increase Your Followers and Likers

Social media isn’t all about how many people you can attract, but a critical mass doesn’t hurt. Learn helpful strategies for attracting followers and likers to your social media pages.

Lessons from the 2010 Old Spice Campaign

The 2010 Old Spice Guy campaign was a social media tour de force. This paper discusses what small businesses can take away from the campaign, even without a big budget to spend.