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You want to move it, move it?

Whether you are looking to create single video or a massive series of interconnected videos with subliminal messaging and hidden easter eggs, our team is ready to partner with you and make something great. We start off by researching and asking lots of questions to learn as much as possible about your business and goals, then we go to work producing video concepts that not only solve problems but make you so proud you might just call your mom to see if she’ll display the video on her fancy, new digital refrigerator.

Check out recent samples of our animation and video work.


Video Live Action Video footage with real places and people, lovingly captured using cameras and microphones.
Logo_Design Motion Graphics What's better than graphic design, graphic design that's on the move. Simple, effective graphics that animate in and out of your life.
Custom_Templates Animation Make things move whether they are images, text, characters, or just about anything you can think of.
Brand_Arch Mixed Media Combine animation techniques with still images, physical work, and a range video techniques to create a visually rich piece that defies categorization.

Okay, but what can you do for me?

Below are just a few of our animation and video capabilities. Feel free to reach out about additional types of work.

Logo Animation

Bring your logo to life with motion that works for presentations, websites, and video bumpers.


Promote your products and services at events, online, and across a host of media platforms.


Make complicated ideas simple and digestible.


Put on your professor cap and teach your audience something new.


Give your audience a close (and well-lit) look at a particular product.


Share authentic statements as you bring you audience face to face with employees, community members, and people you care about.


Take a break and let someone else talk about how good you are.

Brand Story

Offer insight into the values and personality that drives your company.

Social Media

Post short videos where people comment, like, repost, and share.

Case Studies

Let’s start the conversation

Something made you read all the text on the page—some need, some opportunity, some burning issue your company has. We’d love to hear more about you and have the chance to tell you more about us. Where do you want to go? We’re ready to help you get there.