What can CX do for you?

Customer Experience, or CX, is the way to win the hearts and minds of customers in today’s competitive marketplace. Set your company apart through the experience your employees deliver at every touchpoint. You will gain happier customers and employees. Ready to transform your CX? Pivot is here to help you.

Customer Experience offerings
People doing team building

Employee training

Build a strong foundation. Get your team together for personalized training from our certified CX experts. Maintain excellence with consistent reinforcement tune-ups.

Customer Journey map

Journey mapping

Go on an adventure. We will map out each stage of your unique customer journey and better understand needs and perceptions.

CX Dashboard

Accountability & metrics

Set standards, receive helpful feedback, note improvement, and measure your success by asking customers the important questions. Your custom dashboard awaits!

Our process

Engaged employees = happier customers

All aboard! We are your tour guides. Pivot’s proven CX approach inspires employees, uncovers improvements, and guides you through defining an amazing experience for both customers and employees.

What can we achieve together?

  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better processes
  • Consistency through a defined experience model
  • Simpler, easier experiences
  • Better employee experience and engagement
CX Process

Journey mapping

Find out how to better serve customers by mapping out their journey and perceptions. Pivot leverages its insight into the broadband industry to help you identify touchpoints along a customer’s journey and then assess that journey by surveying both employees and customers.


CX Process

Experiential design

Design meaningful touchpoints that meet the standards of the CX program you set. Based on the journey mapping, Pivot will work with your team to identify and solve issues within your CX, helping you define what that CX should be and training your employees on how to deliver it.

CX Process


Coach employees on the CX standards set. Measure the impact of the program. Draw from data to determine the impact of your work and opportunities for improvement. Utilizing Pivot’s proven Call Coaching and Voice of the Customer programs, we help you coach your team and make adjustments based on real calls with customers, surveying, and CX metrics.

CX Process


Any transformation takes commitment and reinforcement. Our team comes alongside you to provide recommendations and guidance to keep your team focused and energized.

CX Process

Excellent! We can’t wait to share your story and learn about the things that make you distinctive.

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