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Is your team ready to play ball?

Everyone in your organization is responsible for creating a great customer experience. Pivot believes in empowering teams and teaching leaders to create positive accountability and customer experiences that go beyond what’s expected. These are key to increasing customer satisfaction, improving loyalty, and revenue growth. We focus on practice, not theory. Our training recipe includes motivation, occasional kicks in the pants, sprinkles of reality, and a lot of fun.

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Reinforcement Live and On-Demand Reinforcement Successful staff growth depends on repetition and reinforcement.
Staff_Dev Onsite Staff Development Develop your team's customer service skills with Pivot's comprehensive and customized onsite staff training programs.
Accountability Call Coaching Program Change only occurs when teams know they're accountable to a set of expectations.
Cust_JourneyMap Customer Experience & Journey Mapping Companies that focus their efforts on improving the CX will win the hearts and wallets of their customers.
Sales Growth Sales and Revenue Growth We believe the basics are still the best methodology.
Product_Training Product Training Faking it will never work in the long run.
Strategic_Planning Strategic Planning Sometimes you just have to get away and have your leadership teams focus on the big picture, strategic plan necessary to move your company forward.
Mgmt_Coaching Management Coaching Sometimes our leadership teams need a little shot in the arm.
Culture_Change Culture Change Many industries have enjoyed a long period of time where they were the only game in town.
Branding CPNI & RFR Training Taking the pain out of compliance training. Courses on demand.

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What Clients Say

The training gave us great insight to what customers want and expect from us. I believe it will help us provide an even more positive, memorable experience for customers going forward.
Taylor Telephone employee
This training is a must. Investing the time and training in your employees through Pivot is not only going to empower and encourage them to do their job, but to go the extra mile. It’s great knowing that my employer wants to invest in me so I have the chance to grow in the company. As for the training sessions, they will hold your attention and not lull you to sleep like others would. Truly, I had a great experience.
Mid-Rivers Communications employee

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