A Texas telco brings family business into a new era.

Can a company be uncompromisingly funny, fully serious, and unquestionably local all while maintaining its roots? Yes, it can.

De Leon, TX

Background. Totelcom, established in 1895, is one of the oldest businesses in De Leon, Texas. With a focus on growth and expansion, we collaborated with Totelcom to revitalize their brand, enhance customer experience, provide training, and launch a new website. Our goal was to honor their rich history while creating an energized vision for the future, delivering connections that matter to rural Texas with a personal touch.

Totelcom brand


Totelcom Before and After website

Logo. Totelcom sought a refreshed image and audience engagement approach. We developed a simplified word mark that retained visual elements from their history while allowing for future flexibility.

Connections that Matter. Their streamlined and focused visual language was paired with new messages, defined values, and a clarified story that focused on connections to the region, to one another, and to history.

Their streamlined and focused visual language was paired with a new message focused on Connections to the land, to one another, to history.

Serious and Fun. A key challenge was developing a visual language that balanced the brand’s liveliness and humor with the necessary seriousness for advocating their rural communities’ needs at the state congress.

Community First. Totelcom’s dedication to their community is evident in the brand’s daily presence in the lives of their employees and the towns they serve.

Totelcom swag


Totelcom internet plans

Totelcom screen sizes
Totelcom website


The website got a complete overhaul including a total rewrite of the content, streamlined user experience, development of a richly branded layout, custom illustration, and lively animations.

Totelcom’s open-minded approach allowed us to design and develop a site that is not only highly usable and scalable, but also whimsical – with moments of surprise and delight found throughout.


Totelcom Customer Journey Mapping


Pivot implemented group training, research, and direct coaching to shift Totelcom’s culture from reactive to proactive, empowering them to provide a better experience for customers. Through guidance, motivation, and the occasional push, Totelcom successfully embraced a proactive customer experience mindset, prepared for growth and competition.

Old-way Owen

Old-way Owen serves as a visual reminder in every meeting, challenging the Totelcom team to question the status quo and consider the customer’s perspective.

10 out of 10

A perfect rating on client satisfaction.

“They are very creative and very good at getting to what you want, even if you don’t quite know what you want.”

Customer Survey

“The CX program really helped us with the large shift that we needed in going from the “old way” of customer service to the new focus on customer experience. We have a lot of long-term employees, and the coaching and teaching has all been very helpful in gaining new insight amongst our staff.”

–Jennifer Prather, CEO, Totelcom
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